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Our Mission

To be the recognised voice of the balustrade and balcony sector, establishing stringent standards of quality and service in order to set a professional benchmark for the industry.


In 2021, a group of Founder Members came together to form a new Association. They identified that there was no real voice for the sector and no recognised qualifications to highlight competency. The Balustrade and Balcony Suppliers and Installers Association (BABSI) was fully launched in May 2022.

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What was really important was that the organisation should have teeth, be independent from any one system supplier, and offer real value beyond simply networking and discussing best practice (though these are part of the aims and objectives too).

So industry competitors, associated supply chains, installers and designers were approached and Justin Ratcliffe was appointed as our first CEO to take the new Trade Association forward.

Justin Ratcliffe (pictured)

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A new trade association needs lots of support so we ask that you are open to applying for membership to not only fund our not for profit organisation but to take advantage of our value propositions.

If you would like more information on joining or would like us to contact you, please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch

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Founder members have been announced – view here.

Full membership details now available – view here.

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