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Thank you sincerely for your interest in The Balustrade and Balcony Suppliers & Installers Association.

It would be great to get you involved.

Our Mission

Improving standards is central to the mission of the BABSI, and already we can inform you that we intend to run an independently certified NVQ Level 2 course in Balustrade Design & Installation, along with CSCS cards and generic day courses, again independently tested and certified.


Over the last year or so we heard too many times that our industry had no real voice, no real direction, no recognized way to identify competence over cowboys; we thought that someone needed to change this so we launched the idea in March 2021 and have been overwhelmed by the response

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What was really important for us was that the organisation should have teeth, be independent from any one system supplier, and offer real value beyond simply networking and discussing best practice (though these are part of the mission too).

So we asked industry competitors, associated supply chains, installers and designers to join in.

To start to fulfill these commitments we are very happy to announce that the Association will have an independent CEO employed by the Association and with no affiliation to any suppliers past or present, and the company has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and not for profit organisation.

Justin Ratcliffe (pictured)

Join In

To share our programme and vision, of course a new trade association will need lots of support so we ask that you are open to joining as a member, of course a subscription for membership will be levied to fund the work we want to conduct, but this is not about making any profit, it’s about making our industry better.

At the moment the membership is being organized and very soon you will be able to join informally as a member; of course founding members will have a special status in the history of BABSI.

In the meantime, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

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Founder members have been announced – view here.

BABSI are extremely grateful to those who have taken a great leap of faith to support the development of our industry – we salute you!

We are working very hard behind the scenes to develop the key requirements for the association.

Continuous consultation will last until the end of May, and we humbly thank all of you who have already supported and engaged in our research. We are focusing now on the different membership groups and their respective joining criteria, the association’s code of conduct, our work with GQA on the education and certification programs, and early discussions on standards improvements.

Updates will be posted here, but feel free to contact us anytime. Get involved!

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